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Rodan collection

Birch wood is a hardwood that is very strong and durable. Because it is difficult in machining, birch wood is still rarely used as a furniture material on the UK market.

However, its grain patterns
and beautiful natural finish make for some unique and interesting-looking furniture. Another great advantage of birch wood is its hardness and resistance to cracking.

The Rodan collection
consists of simple furniture with a modern design. All of the furniture parts, including shelves and drawers, are made of 100% solid wood. The only elements that are made of birch plywood are the drawer bottoms and furniture backing so as to reduce the weight of the furniture.

Commonly used birch wood
finishes include natural beeswax and wax oils. Our finishes do not only bring out the natural appeal of birch wood, but also protect it from the sun, water and dust. At the same time, and unlike lacquer finishes, our finishes let the furniture “breathe”.

The Rodan collection
consists of unique, handmade pieces that cannot be found in large retail stores. We produce furniture in any size and combination based on individual orders and tailored to the requirements of our clients.

The furniture sets
presented on our website are merely a suggestion and a starting point for your dreams and ideas concerning home décor.


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