Terms and Conditions

1. Made of Wood Group sells its products via the pinewoodfurniture24.co.uk website.

2. You can place orders over the phone, e-store or via e-mail. After you do that, we will send an order acknowledgement via e-mail.

3. Depending on which payment type you choose, we will start processing your order:

a) after the bank account of Made of Wood Group has been credited – in the case of prepayment

b) after the client who placed the order has confirmed their identity – in the case of payment upon delivery.

4. We will start processing your order once the availability of goods in our warehouse has been confirmed. Should the goods be unavailable either in part or in full, you will be advised about the order processing status and then you will be able to decide on one of the following:

a) partial processing of the order

b) extension of the waiting period

c) cancellation of the full order.

Should you fail to confirm your order within two working days, your order will not be processed.

5. The number of goods marked as “special offer” or “clearance” is limited. We will process such orders on the basis of order confirmations.

6. A VAT invoice or a receipt is issued for each order.

7. All prices on our website are gross prices quoted in GBP and include VAT.

8. You may make changes to your order until it is acknowledged for processing. Note that an order which has already been shipped to a client cannot be cancelled.

9. Made of Wood Group reserves the right to change the offer and prices of particular products during the time between placing an order and concluding the deal – the moment when both the seller and the buyer make a declaration of will to enter into a binding sales and purchase agreement.

10. The dimensions of furniture may be subject to slight changes. There may be some discrepancies between the colours in the photos of furniture and fittings included in the product offer and the actual product. Wood is a natural material characterised by its unique look and structure, which makes every piece of furniture that we make unique and original. The colour of wood varies by nature and hence there may be such differences within a particular piece of furniture. Natural discolouration cannot be the ground for filing a complaint. Application of different colouration techniques in the production process may result in differences in the intensity of the natural structure of the wood and, similarly, cannot be the ground for filing a complaint. If changes to the product offer or prices take place between the placing of an order and the start of processing, the client may cancel the order. However, after concluding the agreement, which is the moment of the declaration of will (by the buyer and the seller), the buyer cannot cancel the placed order.

11. Made of Wood Group reserves the right not to process an order should it be a result of a mistake or due to economic reasons. The product offer presented on our site does not constitute an offer within the meaning of the Civil Code.

12. Made of Wood Group reserves the right to reject any orders which seem suspicious, have not been confirmed or were placed by individuals who failed to follow the Terms and Conditions.

13. Although Made of Wood Group takes the utmost care to keep information posted on our website up to date, we do not guarantee that it is entirely error-free and therefore such information cannot be the ground for a claim under Civil Law.

14. We offer the following payment methods:

a) a bank transfer to our account (in this case we will start processing the order after the money has been credited to our account)

b) cash upon delivery,

c) PayPal and credit cards.

15. If your order cannot be processed, a representative of Made of Wood Group will promptly inform you of that fact. We cannot be held liable if attempts to contact you are unsuccessful.

16. The delivery cost will be given when you place an order either over the phone or via email. By placing an order you are accepting the cost of delivery.

17. If orders are not processed due to the client’s fault, especially if there is an ungrounded refusal to accept the delivery of the placed order or a wrong address or postal code, Made of Wood Group reserves the right to charge the client for the delivery cost.

18. If not all of the items in an order are available, we will send a partial order. Should this happen, our representatives will call the client in order to suggest a substitute for the missing item.

19. On delivery the client should inspect the package for mechanical damage. If such damage is found, a damage protocol should be filled in in the presence of the courier and emailed or faxed to the producer.

20. Sale via our website is conducted under these Terms and Conditions. By placing an order with Made of Wood Group, you accept our Terms and Conditions.

21. All our clients’ email addresses are automatically added to our mailing list. Made of Wood Group will use these addresses for its own promotional and information activities and in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act under which clients can view or change their data or unsubscribe altogether.

22. Made of Wood Group reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions. In matters not regulated by this document, the relevant rules of the Civil Code and generally applicable law will apply.